This post affects every age – kids, youth, middle age, old age, etc., because no age is exempted from the quest for good health.

The physical activity involved in sporting activities has proved to be very beneficial and thus sports, as it is, have generated two perspectives in the human life viz: the quest for happiness and fun, and the quest for good health.

I am sure nobody is an enemy to good health and happiness. In my country Nigeria, even with the current stress level in society, sports, especially football, is one thing that brings everyone united.

There are so many sporting activities we could engage in such as cycling, swimming, running, soccer, tennis, etc.

Health benefits of engaging in sports:

  1. Prevents heart diseases – regular physical activity prevents the heart from failing, because the heart also does exercise as your body does, during a sporting activity or any form of physical activity, the heart pumps more blood and so does more work at that point, after which it goes back to its normal state. This keeps the heart vessels and muscles in good condition. The physical activity involved in sporting activities helps reduces the risk of heart attacks and angina(pain in the heart), or any other form of heart diseases.
  2. Prevents stroke: There are two ways by which stroke can occur, either as a result of a burst blood vessel or an obstruction in the blood vessel. Regular physical activity helps keep your blood vessels in check. It helps prevent any form of blood vessels diseases (such as atherosclerosis), that may lead to stroke.
  3. Maintains blood pressure – anyone that is engaged in sports or any form of physical activity regularly would always have a normal blood pressure. Physical activity prevents High Blood Pressure, and helps lower and maintain pressure if you already have it.
  4. Eliminates bad cholesterol level and improves the level of good cholesterol keeping your body vessels free and without malformation.
  5. Regular physical exercise helps lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, If you already have it, sports can help you control your diabetes.
  6. Engaging in sports helps you control your weight and sheds off excess fat, in combination with a healthy diet plan, you are sure to maintain your desired shape/weight.
  7. It strengthens the bones and joint – regular physical activity helps prevent osteoporosis (thinning of the bone). If your bones are strong, you would have a lower risk of fractures, even in old age. it also minimizes the risk of back pains and osteoarthritis (because bone making cells are formed during weight-bearing physical activity and so these cells help revitalize the bones).
  8. According to cancerresearchuk.org, physical activities in women can lower the level of oestrogen. Oestrogen is thought to fuel the development of many breast and ovarian cancers, so reducing the levels of this hormone could help to reduce the risk.
  9. For the aged, it helps their memory. They will always be alert and forget less.
  10. Sports improves mood, by releasing endorphins. It reduces stress hormones, improves your self-esteem, making you feel more confident about yourself.
  11. It increases libido, especially for the women. It gives you the desired energy to have a healthy sex life.
  12. Engaging in sports helps you sleep better and deeper and you wake up sharp and alert without a drowsy feeling.
  13. It gives you the required energy to perform you day-to-day task without the feeling of exhaustion.
  14. For children, engaging in sports aids healthy growth and development. It controls obesity and diabetes in children. It helps them socialize with other kids.
  15. Sports brings out the leadership skill in you. It teaches you teamwork, goal setting and how to improve performance level, thereby improving productivity at workplace.
  16. Sporting activity helps prevents constipation. It helps remove toxins from the body because while you sweat, you remove toxins from your body.

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