3 Exercises to help tone that flabby arm

Regular exercise can reduce flabby arm

Women flabby arms (fondly called Christian mother arm, in Nigeria) is a trouble zone women want to tone up, especially middle-aged women. As women age, fat is stored more quickly in some areas and such is the upper arm, the muscle (triceps) gets flabby and jiggles in motion. Amazing arms can be yours if you follow these 3 simple exercises:

  1. Push-ups: Push-ups are a great way to strengthen your triceps muscles. It’s ok if you can’t lift your body off the ground at first, but with continuous practice, you’ll be amazed at the number of pushups you can do.
    Push-up: Your body should be in a straight position all through
    1. Lay face down on the floor, kneel as if you are assuming a four-point kneel position (your knees and palms facing down directly under your shoulder), your knee off ground, stretch your lower limbs with your feet together and your toes touching the ground, now your back is straight, your arms directly stretched under your shoulders, your palm flat touching the ground.
    2. Gradually lower yourself. Keeping your back flat, until your chest touches the ground. Neck slightly extended (raised), your body should be in a straight position all through.
    3. Push back to your starting position without rest or distorting the straight position. That’s one count, you can repeat the process up to 10 times or as many times as you can.
  2. Lying Triceps Extension: You will need a bench and a dumbbell (or any form of weight you can get hold of).
    Lying triceps extension: Bend your elbows slowly slightly above your head with dumbells facing the ground
    1. Lie on a bench (probably half  your size) with your feet on the ground and part of your head hanging a little outside the bench
    2. Grasp the dumbbells separately in both arms, your arms straight and hanging in the air with your dumbbells firmly grasped in both hands
    3. Bend your elbows slowly slightly above your head with dumbbells facing the  ground, then you return to start position (which is arm straight up in the air)

You can modify it by using only one dumbbell and grasping both hands on it.

  1. Triceps Kick Back:
    1. Stand with a dumbbell on both hands
    2. Bend hips forward until back is parallel to the floor, slightly bending knees
    3. With your palms facing inward, straighten your arms and lift above your trunk as much as you can go
    4. Then bend your elbow and repeat the exercise.

    Triceps kick back: Bend hips forward until back is parallel to the floor

You can do 10 repetitions

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