It was my Birthday on September 1st and I thought to write this wonderful post – 35 things I’ve learned in my 35 years. I’ve learned a lot in the journey of life and I am glad to share. Let’s head right on.

35 things I’ve learned in my 35 years

  1. There is a time of Vulnerability– Childhood and adolescent are two vulnerable periods in a person’s Life, the two most important people for you at that time is God and your Parents.
  2. You don’t choose your Parents – so accept them and love them still
  3. You don’t choose your siblings – accept them and love them still
  4. You Choose your Friends – Choose wisely they can Make or Mar you
  5. Know the kind of life you wish yourself from the very first day of your University– It brings your success closer
  6. People who yield to distractions realize when it’s too late
  7. Everybody cannot love you. Say Good Morning Still cos it’s difficult to love them Back
  8. Love! Love! hmmm, Guard your heart or be heartbroken
  9. Love Academics but love Entrepreneurship even more
  10. Never be idle, always add knowledge- You never know where it will take you
  11. Always strive to add Value to people – That’s the only way you can succeed
  12. No! don’t Compare yourself with others – We all have our different Bloom
  13. Yes! Compare yourself with others – they were working while you were watching Telemundo
  14. There are two things that determine success in Life, Yes two things- Persistence and Consistency
  15. Even If you are Female, you still have the same responsibilities a Male has so don’t deceive yourself Work Hard
  16. Most young People don’t know what they want one-year post Nysc
  17. Don’t be Surprised! you knew that your classmate will be Successful, you just couldn’t imitate him when you needed to
  18. Opportunities abound but you are not just prepared for it when it comes, so someone else takes it
  19. Knowledge is not Power Rather Application of Knowledge is Power
  20. No one really cares about you, they care about the value you add to them
  21. We do a lot of daydreaming but realizing that dream is where the problem lies- we don’t want to work that hard
  22. People who are informed are a Step Ahead
  23. Marriage can stagnate you it can also make you Soar
  24. You Chose your Partner – choose with Wisdom he or She Can Make or Mar you
  25. A woman who puts Money first and God Last is surely going to be disrespected in her relationship.
  26. Marriage is Work, you can’t fold your hands and expect it to Work
  27. Childbearing Changes you completely, guess you never knew you were that strong
  28. Marrying a man who fears God adds to your Lifespan
  29. What you did in the Past hunts you for life
  30. The things we do act as a stumbling block to our success
  31. You cannot have 8hours of sleep if you want to be the next Aliko Dangote
  32. Staying at home to raise your kids is the best sacrifice a woman can give her kids and its so worth it
  33. Staying at home, raising your kids and still making money gives a mom the best feeling of accomplishment and it’s even more worth it
  34. I stand with mom-preneurs, I stand with stay-at-home moms making money
  35. As long as there is life it’s never too late to achieve your dreams one step at a time

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