4 most effective ways to relieve hip joint pain during pregnancy

Hip joint pain in pregnant women

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in a woman’s life. However, it comes with a lot of discomfort one of which is the hip joint pain, and this occurs mostly in the second and third trimester. It may be a minor problem for some, for others, it may be so severe as to affect their activities of daily living. Changes within your body and the activities you perform daily contribute to your hip joint pain.

Causes of hip joint pain in pregnancy

Reasons for your hip pain:

Relaxin: The major cause of your hip pain is the hormone relaxin. It has its good side, though, as it prepares your body for delivery by loosening your ligaments and making it flexible enough for the process of childbirth. However, the hormone puts your hip joint in a precarious situation that may cause joint pain. Other causes of hip joint pain are;

Weight gain, sleeping mostly on your side (you can’t help that anyways), pressure your enlarging uterus puts on your sciatic nerve may also lead to pain.

The hip pain may even deprive some women of a good night sleep. Practicing some type of exercises that targets to your back and hip muscles will help relieve joint pains, also adjusting some of your daily activities will also help reduce the symptoms.

Below are effective ways to help relieve hip joint pain:

  1. Reduce standing and walking long distance: When you stand you put so much pressure on your hip joint thereby causing pain, so I’ll advise you reduce the length of time you stand. Though walking may be the best form of exercise for pregnant women, walking long distance will increase your hip joint pain as there is pressure on the hip joint while walking.
  2. Water workout (swimming): This is another form of exercise a pregnant woman with hip joint pain can engage in. It takes the weight off your joints while working on your whole body. It’s a better option to walking.
  3. Bridging exercises: Bridge strengthens your glute, core muscles and hip and thigh muscles, thereby reducing your joint pains. Here is how to perform supine bridge exercise:
    Bridge exercise
    • Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor
    • Your hands by your side, palms facing the floor
    • Gradually lift your butt off the ground, elevating it above the level of your chest
    • Squeeze your butt and hold while counting 10 then release and come back to starting position

You can do 10reps or as much as you can

Don’t forget to always breathe in and out while performing the exercise

  1. Sleep positions: Side lying seems to be the most comfortable for pregnant women; however it could put a lot of strain on your hip joints. So try different positions and find the one that makes you comfortable, you can use a pillow to aid your side lying. Some women use full body pillow and it minimizes their pain.

Don’t forget to eat healthily and exercise so that you can avoid extreme weight gain during pregnancy.

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