5 Foods you should avoid when trying to lose weight

Junk Foods

Losing weight requires a lot of discipline especially from the food you eat. Exercising, then eating the wrong foods is like a wild goose chase – you would not have a significant decrease in your weight because you keep replacing the fat lost with unhealthy diet.

Here are 5 foods you should not eat when trying to lose weight

  1.  Deep Fries:

Deep Fries

Deep fried foods (foods covered with lots of oil while frying )such as French fries, fried plantain, potato and plantain chips, akara (bean cake) etc. potato on its own is a healthy food when boiled, but when fried it becomes unhealthy, same with other fried foods. Deep fried foods introduce a lot of oil and calories in your meals.

2.  Sugary Drinks:


Sugary Drink

A typical Nigerian on the go snack on soft drinks and junk foods, the parties are not left out because sugary drinks are a norm, drinks we offer our guest are sugary drinks the truth is these drinks are laden with processed sugar of no nutritional value but can lead excessive weight gain. The practice of still going on sugary drinks when you are trying to lose weight should be totally eliminated because such decision could hamper your weight loss goals.


3.  Carbohydrates:



When it comes to carbs, reducing the carbs in your diet is the best way to go if you are trying to lose weight. The fact that carb is a staple food in most homes in Nigeria tend to make individuals eat it in excess, which in turn stalls weight loss goal. These carbs include- white bread, pasta (spaghetti), white rice, yam etc.

4.   Junk Foods:


Junk Foods

These junk foods have a high amount of sugar and fat in them. They are made in different ways to attract people with sweet tooth, they are actually sweet but of no nutritional value, the likes of pastries, cakes, biscuits etc. These foods don’t satisfy your hunger so in a short while you are on your way to another food.

5.   Ice cream:


Ice Cream

Delicious indeed but high in calories and has so much sugar added. Definitely not a good choice if you want to lose weight. Some would say a little doesn’t hurt but mind you it’s very easy to consume a lot at a go. So it’s better to abstain so as to achieve that perfect body you always wish for.

Reducing or totally eliminating some of these foods from our diet promotes good health and can help prevent heart and blood vessel diseases.

Are you on your weight lose journey already or you are about to start?, this article will surely help guide your journey, you can share with friends and family you never know who’ll  need it.

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