During the early periods of pregnancy, most women hardly notice the body changes occurring in them, especially when they have not reached their expected date of menstruation. This is because a missed period is the one thing that gets most women thinking. Of course, it is one of the major signs that rings the pregnancy bell. There are other signs that indicate early pregnancy and we shall examine just five below:

1. A missed period:
Menstruation prepares the uterus for conception. It consists of shedding the uterine lining so that fresh tissues can develop in readiness for conception. When conception finally occurs, there would be no need for the shedding of the uterine lining, consequently, a missed period occurs.
Menstruation does not normally occur during pregnancy. Although factors other than pregnancy can cause a missed period (see more for factors that lead to missed periods). It comes to every woman’s consciousness after a missed period that one may be pregnant and yes it’s a major evidence

2. Dizziness
If you observe your body closely, you may notice the feeling of dizziness at some point during early pregnancy. It may not even occur to you that you are pregnant even when you feel it. You may feel its stress, but it is may be a sign to look out for during early pregnancy. All you need is rest.

3. Morning Sickness
It is probably a misnomer because nausea and vomiting can actually happen at any time of the day or night. Most women experience nausea. It may or it may not come with vomiting (I never experienced vomiting all through my 3 pregnancies but nausea – yes!). The symptom usually disappears after the first trimester of pregnancy. For some, symptom may be severe to the extent a visit to the hospital becomes necessary. Well, one cannot really do anything about morning sickness. You just endure or if it’s severe, report to your doctor.

4. Tender & Enlargement of Breast
Observe your breasts at early pregnancy. It feels like when you want to have your menstrual period. Your breasts are slightly painful and look fuller in your bra. However, hormones are acting and the breast is responding in preparation for producing milk after the baby is born. It is time to shop for bigger size and firmer bras.

5. Positive Pregnancy Test:
This is surely a major evidence that you are on your way to becoming a happy mom. This test is usually done with your urine or can be done with a blood sample and if it comes out positive, then you are pregnant. Both the urine and blood test check for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) this hormone builds up rapidly in the body during early pregnancy. These tests are reliable about 2 weeks after the first missed period.

So when next you feel “not so fine”, observe your body for these pieces of evidence. You may be pregnant.

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