6 reasons why women lose their sexual desire

Why women lose their sexual desire
for some women low sexual desire is a serious problem

At any one time in a woman’s life, she loses interest in sex, for some women low sexual desire is  a serious problem and may have interfered with marital relationship. It could also be a medical condition known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). So many factors can interfere with a woman’s drive for sex, from an emotional state, physical state, lifestyle, past to present experience, etc. These can take a toll on a woman’s sexual drive.

According to a review of current literature cited by the national center for Biotechnology Information US – The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors (GSSAB), which included 13,882 women aged 40 to 80 years, reported 26% to 48% of women had a lack of interest in sex, and 18% to 41% of women had difficulty reaching orgasm; these were the most common Female Sexual Dysfunctions (FSD) across world regions. Some women get over it after a while, why some may need a medical expert to advice appropriately.

Here are some possible reasons for low sexual desire in women (low libido)

  1. Stress:

    Stress can affect sexual desire

    Work-related stress is something that can really take a toll on your libido. Therefore if the stress hormone cortisol is at elevated levels for a long time, it suppresses the sex hormones and that can lead to a decrease in sexual desire. Stress is a libido killer for women when you are so worn out, sex is usually far from your thought.

  2. Caring for younger kids:

    Caring for young kids can actually get mothers overwhelmed

    Mothers with young children (probably 0 – 5 years) have a great deal of thinking on how to survive the day from demands of their little ones. Caring for these little children may be energy consuming. It’s an enormous task for mothers as one can actually get overwhelmed and totally forget herself and her sexual desires as well would be severely hampered. When you are fatigued, sex is not what you will be thinking of.

  3. Bad self- image:

    Bad self image can affect confidence and consequently hamper sex desire

    Some women are not comfortable in their own skin, with weight gain taking a toll on their physical look they think they are not good enough and so feel uncomfortable undressing in front of their spouse. Bad self-image dampens the desire for sex.

  4. Bad relationship:

    Bad relationship can affect sexual intimacy

    When you are in a bad relationship with your spouse it kills your desire for sex quickly because the atmosphere is not always calm and peaceful for that intimate connection.

  5. Pain during intercourse:

    vaginal dryness could lead to pain during intercourse

    This may be as a  result of vaginal dryness, which causes a lot of friction during intercourse. The pain and friction may cause anxiety which can lead to total loss of interest in sex.

  6. Hormonal changes:

    hormonal changes may be as a result of several factors

    Hormonal changes may be as a result of using contraceptives, menopausal changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. All these leads to hormonal fluctuations; estrogen and testosterone being at low levels can lead to vaginal dryness and loss of libido.

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