6 surprising Foods that increase breast milk production: Personal Experience

These were the foods that helped me and still help me as I’m nursing presently

Nursing immediately after birth was not so cool for me as I didn’t produce milk for a few days unlike some mothers that produce immediately and it flows like tap water.

My case was different, even when it eventually started flowing hmmm- low milk production, I had to personally put lots of pressure before milk came out. Baby found it difficult to latch on because of a flat nipple, nobody told me hubby needed to do a more conscious job on the nipples before the baby came(Lol). Then came sore nipple o, the pain was excruciating but you are told to nurse anyways.

We managed that way but the baby was always crying and I found out he wasn’t getting enough of the supply, so I had to switch to formula for support(though I still gave more of breast milk) before my son will die of hunger. It worked like magic, less cry and satisfaction were written all over him when he’s done taking formula.

But I wasn’t satisfied I really wanted to practice exclusive breastfeeding. After one month of formula+ breast milk I decided to stop formula and switch to only breast milk even with the sore nipple I decided to endure, even though some mothers will decide to completely wean their babies but I chose to put more conscious effort into learning and practising first-hand foods that will help my breast milk production.


These were the foods that helped me and still help me as I’m nursing presently. Note- it may not work for you but it did for me, you could still try it.

  1. Beans

    Surprising right? Beans actually helped my milk production, in fact when I first noticed it, I was overwhelmed, the milk will flow to the extent you would hear baby gulping and swallow, it gives me joy when I hear that. Beans are high in protein and fibre, it comes to my rescue when I need it.

  2. Rice

    The local rice to be precise(brown rice) aside from the fact that it’s nutritious, it also helps my milk production like kilode!.

  3. Kunu

    This is a very delicious drink made from millet, it never disappoints, when taken my breast is filled with milk that I have to wear a breast pad.

  4. Pap

    It’s a very common food known to enhance milk production, it’s cheap and easy to make. Taken by mother and child. I love pap prepared from millet, it’s common in the north while the pap prepared from maize is common in the southern part of Nigeria. Whichever grain you use it gives the same result- increase in milk production.

  5. Water

    During breastfeeding fluid goes out of you and so needs to be replaced, hydrating is very important in breastfeeding. Taking water always didn’t have an obvious effect on my milk production as I observed but I try to stay hydrated as much as possible.

  6. Breastfeeding

    Yeah! Breastfeeding frequently helps your supply, because it acts more like a demand-supply thing. If you feed your baby as often as he requests there will be more supply.

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So these are the superfoods that aid me in nursing my little one. It may not work for you but don’t be discouraged also try and observe your body while trying out other foods.

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