7 Amazing health benefits of Cucumber

7 Amazing health benefits of cucumber

Dark green cucumbers a vegetable consumed by most people in Nigeria, commonly seen in salads and other recipes. It is a member of the botanical family called Cucurbitaceae alongside watermelon and cantaloupe. Cucumbers are naturally low in calories which make it an excellent food for weightloss, also loaded with vitamins and minerals, it contains 95 percent water and makes you feel full when eaten.

According to world healthiest food cucumber contains these vitamins and minerals:

A serving of Cucumber, sliced, raw

1.00 cup

(104.00 grams)

Calories: 16

GI: very low

Vitamin K-19%


Pantothenic acid-5%





Vitamin C-4%

Vitamin B1-3%



Cucumbers also contain phyto-nutrients that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, it also contains anti-cancerous properties.

Here are the health benefits of cucumber.

  1. It contains 95% water and so keeps you hydrated when eaten. With cucumber, your busy schedule does not affect your body’s need for water as you get hydrated by eating cucumber.
  2. Skin/Eye health: Wonder why spas are more comfortable with cucumber based treatments? It’s because it contains minerals that are good for the skin, fresh chilled and sliced cucumber placed on the eye helps reduce eye bags and puffiness.
  3. Lower blood pressure: Cucumber contains potassium which is known to lower blood pressure. Those with high blood pressure should include cucumber in their diet to tap from its amazing benefit.
  4. Mouth health: Its antibacterial properties helps get rid of those bacteria causing bad breath keeping your mouth refreshed
  5. Helps in weightloss: It has a low calorie content, making it a wonderful diet for weightloss. Eating cucumber leaves you full, so prolongs time for unnecessary eating
  6. Prevents constipation: Fiber rich foods such as cucumber helps in good digestive health. It makes a free bowel movement possible for those who are constantly constipating.
  7. Immunity booster: It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that help build the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties make sure to cool inflammations and to fight free radicals that may build up.

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Always remember to go for fresh dark green cucumbers. It can be cut into various shape and added to your meal, it can be used for salads or eaten whole.

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