7 cartoons your kids should be watching

Do you know other educative cartoons that are a must watch for kids?

At times parents want their kids’ attention to be fixed on something so they can have time to do other things and cartoons seem to be helpful in such scenarios. However, don’t make the mistake of making them watch a cartoon that is not interesting or you’ll pay with your time. Here are 7 interesting educative cartoons that I think would keep your kids glued to the TV.

  1. Moana:


    Recently released 2016, seem to have caught the attention of not only kids but adult as well. The story is about a highly spirited teenager who discovers her ancestors were voyagers and believes going across the rift would bring the solution to their problem as vegetations were dying and fishes were no more. She needs to return the Heart of Tefiti and she needs the help of Maui a Demi-God. Teaches you courage, focus etc.

  2. Frozen:


    Released in 2013, about a brave princess who sets out on a journey in the cold winter with the aid of an iceman and his pet reindeer. She needs to make her sister return summer. Teaches courage, love etc.

  3. Barney & friends:

    Barney & Friends

    Since  April 1992, it just never fades away, it has really come to stay. I remember watching barney as a kid and now my own kids watch barney. There is never a dull moment with barney as it’s all songs, songs, and songs. Of course, parents know how kids can be captivated with songs. Barney has friends that come to play with it, so they do a lot of storytelling, teach etiquette, hygiene etc all through songs. It usually ends with the  ‘I Love You’ song that makes my son run around looking for whom to hug and sing along with.

  4. Dora The Explorer:

    Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer

    Released in 2000, Dora loves adventures and goes along with her monkey pet Boots. Dora uses Spanish and English to interact with her audience. Dora asks your kids questions and wait for their reply, then gives the correct answer. Very educative as it teaches your kids how to speak Spanish.

  5. Paw Patrol:

    Dora the Explorer
    Paw Patrol

    Released in 2013, Here you’ll see a puppy police officer and other life-saving professions that your kids may be interested in as they grow, it introduces your kids to police, firemen etc. The brave pups are ready to save people and their town from everyday emergencies.

  6. Mr. Peabody & Sherman:

    Mr Peabody & Sherman
    Mr. Peabody & Sherman

    Released in 2014, a  genius dog (Mr. Peabody) and his adopted human boy (Sherman) goes on an adventure with a time machine called the WABAC (pronounced way back). Peabody is the most accomplished dog the world has ever had and also a good parent to his human son. Teaches good parenting, teaches your kids they can be all they wish to be, also teaches character etc.

  7. Sophia the First:

    Mr Peabody & Sherman
    Sofia the First

    Released in 2012, Sophia living the life of a princess comes withs its own leadership hurdle. Sophia gets things done the best way she can and it always turns out right. Teaches your kids they can be the best.

Do you know other educative cartoons that are a must watch for kids? Do well to leave a comment. Remember to like or share with a friend.

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