8-Year-Old Best-Selling Author Shares Advice on Sibling Rivalry

Eight-year-old Nia Mya wrote a bestselling book on how to cope with an “annoying” little brother. (Photo: CBS)

A little girl with an “annoying” little brother has become a best-selling author with a self-help book for siblings.

Eight-year-old Nia Mya Reese of Alabama is the author of How to Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brotherwhich is currently ranked No. 9 on Amazon’s Bestsellers in “Parenting and Relationships,” and No. 1 in the category “Sibling Relationships”. On Friday, Nia’s mother Cherinita Reese received a phone call from The Ellen DeGeneres show about a possible guest appearance, the morning after her daughter appeared on CBS Evening News.

Nia penned the book after her first-grade teacher gave students an assignment to journal about a topic on which they considered themselves experts. As a big sister to 5-year-old Ronald Michael, Nia realized she was sitting on a goldmine of material. After Reese read her daughter’s assignment, she encouraged her to turn it into a book, and then contacted Yorkshire Publishing in Tulsa, Okla., which ultimately published it on Nov. 30 last year.

In the book, which is illustrated by Reese’s niece Faith Martin, an 11th-grader at Minor High School in Adamsville, Ala., Nia offers solutions to common sibling grievances, according to the Alabama local news site AL.com. She describes how her brother “loves his sister” but wants to play with her all the time because he’s “at that clingy stage.” When Ronald sneaks into Nia’s bed at night, she advises other siblings, “Get used to it, because I did, and you can, too” and recommends singing a younger sibling a bedtime song.

Yahoo Beauty could not reach Reese for comment; however, Nia shared more sibling problems with CBS News on Thursday. Of Ronald, she said, “He will throw the ball, and the ball will just go flying everywhere. And it sometimes hits me.” She added that Ronald isn’t open to taking advice: “He won’t always listen.”

Still, Nia loves being a big sister and takes her responsibilities seriously, writing in the book, “You need to teach him sometimes.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

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