Do you have a young child with Asthma? Does your child asthma episodes happen frequently? If you answered yes to these questions then this post is for you, so do well to read till the end.

You can read this post here to get more details on asthma in young kids. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma your child’s doctor would have told you of the dos and don’ts to caring for an asthmatic child, you can still learn more about it here

Asthma presently has no cure but it can be managed with Medication, food and lifestyle changes, which includes avoiding Common Asthma triggers.

What are Asthma Triggers?

Asthma triggers are things around you that are naturally harmless to others but can cause an asthmatic episode. These triggers are not the same for everyone but there are common triggers often overlooked by mothers with asthmatic children.

What are these Common Asthma Triggers often overlooked by Mothers?

1. Cockroach Allergen:


Cockroaches in the home can pose a serious problem for children with asthma because the cockroaches and its droppings can trigger an asthmatic attack according to Center for Disease Control.

Cockroaches are very common insects in the home especially the kitchen or where there are food droppings, Mothers with asthmatic children should try hard to eliminate cockroaches at home by keeping the environment clean and making sure there are no food droppings, clean up grease immediately, wash dishes promptly.

Natural repellents like lemon, lime and baking soda can be used to cut down cockroaches.

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2. Stack of Old books:

old_stack_ of_books

These books can trap dust especially when they have been kept for a very long time. When these books are opened, and the dust that comes out of it inhaled, it can trigger an asthmatic attack.

Asides dust insect droppings like that of cockroach can invade these old books and give it a kind of odour, inhaling it could also trigger an asthmatic attack.

Mothers with asthma children should keep their kids away from a stack of old books. Try to always put away books you don’t need and clean these books often.

3. Colds:


When your child has a cold don’t just say, “it’s just a cold he’ll get better”, a Cold can trigger an asthma attack.

When your child has a cold, always keep him warm, cover him up with thicker clothes and wear a head warmer, do steam inhalation give warm water to drink, observe him, as he gets better, don’t overlook a cold.

4. Generator fumes:


Your child can be allergic to the fumes that come out of generators. If you live in an area with poor power supply, depending on power generators to produce electricity becomes pertinent.

If you have a child that has asthma it is necessary you keep him away from these fumes by living in an environment with fewer generator fumes, positioning the generator at a safe distance, or using alternative means of energy like solar energy.

5. Cooking:


When you fry food especially making Nigerian Stew where you need to fry Pepper, it irritates your respiratory tract and that of people around you. You automatically start sneezing for a while before it calms down. This may not pose any health challenge for others but for asthma children that irritant can trigger an asthma attack.

Let your asthma kid stay away when you are frying in the kitchen.

Mothers with asthma kids should be very observant and find out asthma triggers peculiar to their kids, it will help a lot in managing the condition. Don’t also overlook early signs of an asthmatic attack, helping the kid early enough will save him a lot of discomforts.

These are my 5 common asthma triggers often overlooked by mothers, do you have any other common trigger you know? Please do share in the comment section, it’ll definitely help a mom with an asthma child.

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