19 Best Parenting Tips every Nigerian Mom should Know


Hurray! You just became a mom, congrats! But that’s just the first step to a lifelong Institution called- The School of parenting…Lol.

Do moms ever stop Parenting? The answer is NO we just keep being here for our kids and keep keeping an eye on them even when they are grown ups *winks*… we can’t help it, Mother nature said so.

Parenting is not easy at all; It takes a ton of hard work to be a good Parent.

There are times you feel you have failed (don’t be so hard on yourself)and there are times you also feel you have done a good Job and deserve a pat (definitely do give yourself one).

Womanlycare has brought you the 19 Best Parenting tips every Nigerian Mom should Know just to guide you in your parenting journey.

Always remember there is no perfect parent neither is there a perfect child but we all still do strive for perfection in different aspects of our lives including parenting in a Typical Nigerian society.

An average Nigerian Mom is a career woman or an entrepreneur, yet still makes it a point of duty to keep an eye on family and try to be the Best Parent. However, it may not be working out as you envisaged because the stress of life has taken a better part of you.

Nonetheless, womanlycare is here to help, there is no harm in learning new parenting skills that will help, also improving on your parenting hacks won’t be such a bad idea.

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So do well to try these 19 Best Parenting tips.

19 Best Parenting tips every Nigerian Mom Should Know

  1. Always tell your Child I Love You

These three letter words are stronger than you can imagine. They give a sense of belonging and a feeling of satisfaction. Just to know and hear you are being loved by your parent on a consistent basis is something every child needs to grow up hearing.

2. Be the Super Hero

Please don’t joke with this one. To your child, you know it all and can do it all. Try to always have the right answer for your child, at under 5 they are very inquisitive and ask a lot of questions.

I deal with questions every day from my 5-year-old. Of course, you may not know it all. But you need to read, yes! read wide to have an answer for impromptu questions.

Your KIds think you know it all and are confident their question will be answered, so just be their super Hero by knowing it all. Google can be your friend *winks*

3. Limit the Rod

Spare the rod and Spoil the Child. You’ve probably have heard and read that right?
Well, the Rod doesn’t always mean a physical Rod. But let’s talk about the physical Rod here…

It’s allowed to use a Cane or koboko (what I mean is no law abhors that in Nigeria) to discipline a child in this part of the world. But some parents often abuse a child while using the Rod (cane, koboko), If you must use a cane to discipline your child, it shouldn’t be all the time.

Using the rod all the time to discipline your child may have a negative effect. The Child definitely will feel abused at some point in life. There are other non-physical Rods of discipline you can use for your child like grounding, refusing to buy his/her favourite snack.

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4. Talk Calmly

If you are short tempered, its time to control it, you are now a mom.

You shouldn’t always yell at your child. Learn to control your emotions, no matter how pained you are. It starts by listening attentively. You can as well talk to your inner self while listening to your child. This practice can calm nerves.

5. Don’t be Hasty

Stop! Don’t pronounce that punishment yet.
Listen and Listen well. The mistake may not be intentional, and you’ll only understand that if you care to listen and reason with your Child.

After listening and making sure your child broke the rule intentionally then you can go ahead and discipline whichever sane way you chose.

6. Always give a reason

Don’t forget to give a reason for your disciplinary actions.

Don’t go ahead to discipline your child without letting him know the reason he is been punished.

7. Make Rules

Rules are very important in every home.

Make It clear and let your Child know the punishment meted for breaking the Rules.

8. Never use Abusive words

Never abuse your child with words.

Words can’t be taken back ones spoken. Be mindful of what you say to your child. Use encouraging words, even if your child provokes you, you should be in charge of your emotions.

9. Be a Role Model

Remember your kid sees you as a superhero.

He Looks up to you as a role model, so you need to live by example. Be of good behaviour, comport yourself especially in public. Your child doesn’t want to see you verbally abusing someone.

He wants to see the positive side of you most of the time, your success, and  how strong  a parent you are.

10. Be Truthful

Even if it hurts, say the truth. (Though diplomacy is allowed depending on your child’s age)

You still need to teach your child how to be truthful and he can only learn that from you. Children learn fast from what they see.

11. Always Commend

Commend even the slightest and irrelevant thing your child did.

As long as it is done well (even when not done well, at least, see the effort), he deserves a commendation.

Kids feel pleased and brave when Mom tells them, hey! You made your bed so well (even though it wasn’t perfect), they look at you and give you that smile that can lite up the world.

There’s that good feeling at the moment for both mother and child, I know you wouldn’t want to miss such moments. Don’t forget to let your Child know how he (I use a lot of “he” pardon me I just have boys) can be better while commending for something not perfectly done.

12. Love and Respect your husband

Kids learn by what they see.

If you disrespect your husband, your child will definitely learn that fast. He will disrespect others even as a child. But when love and Respect rule the home, that’s the only thing he’ll know how to do best- Love and Respect others.

13. Teach responsibility early

I started teaching my kids to be responsible as early as possible.

Your kids may not totally be but just teach them how. I tell my older son that he should always care and watch out for his younger ones. I know he is still young to really take up that responsibility, I still let him know he ought to.

I watch him care for his toddler brother when I step out for a moment, he calls out and says “mummy Daniel was trying to tear your book and I took it away from him”.

I give him a pat and tell how wonderful that was of him to watch out for his little brother.

There are a ton of things you should point out to them even though you know they can’t do it, but just to let them have a sense of responsibility.

14. Create time to Play and Read

No matter how busy you are, your kids need you to play with them.

Create time to play with them whenever you are with them. Read them to bed or just tell them Stories your parents told you when you were their age, It creates a bond between you.

They love it when their parents play with them especially Daddy who may not always be available

15. By no means Compare

Each child is unique, never compare, they achieve different milestones at different times.

So be patient with your child; he’ll get there. Don’t ever say your brother did this at your age and you aren’t doing it. Don’t hurt your Child by making him feel less of himself, rather encourage and at the right time everything will fall in place.

16. Remember your Child’s Age

Sure always remember your child’s age when you want to discipline.

When buying toys or watching cartoons, remember his age and what he can understand at that age. Treat him like a 3-year old that he is and not like a 6-year-old which he’s not.

17. Avoid a hostile environment

Of course, even in infancy, children can perceive a hostile environment.

Love should rule. Yes! you should be firm but not hostile.

18. Always be there-Family first

Always make out time for Family.

Attend your child’s school activities like the end of the year party, open day, etc.

Be there when they are receiving an award, be there when they fail, they’ll surely need your support at every important event of their life. Just be there.

19.  Learn to Say No

You just need to learn to say No when necessary.

Don’t always give a child anything he wants but what he needs. You could indulge occasionally but know when to draw the line and say “No darling you are not having another piece of cake because I want you to have the remainder tomorrow”.


There you have it –19 Best Parenting tips every Nigerian Mom should Know, of course, you may be familiar with some of these tips and are already in good use of them.

You definitely must have learned new tips as well, make good use of them.

And for those who recently started their parenting journey, this will be a wonderful guide for you. However, note that there is no Concise Parenting roadmap as every family is different and may have their own parenting style that works best for them.

Do you have more Parenting tips that can help Nigerian Moms? Please don’t keep it to yourself, tell us.

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