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My regular pre-pregnancy sleep position was no longer in vogue for me during pregnancy. I love sleeping on my belly but my narrative changed during pregnancy, as my belly enlarged I felt more uncomfortable sleeping on my belly, I could no longer sleep in my favourite position, I would keep turning over to find the perfect sleep position during pregnancy and then I had to discover my best sleep position.

The truth is as your belly increases the need to sleep in a comfortable position becomes absolutely necessary.

Why I couldn’t Sleep in my normal position during Pregnancy

Pregnancy discomforts ranging from the protruding belly to heartburn can alter your normal sleep patterns. Mine was mostly my protruding belly and joint pain, it wouldn’t let me enjoy my pre-pregnancy sleep position.

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A friend of mine Ada said she had heartburn during pregnancy so she was always trying positions that will give her relief, another friend said she was finding it difficult to sleep(insomnia) and so kept trying different positions that would aid her sleep better.

My Best Sleep Position during Pregnancy

I loved sleeping on my sides (SOS). Because of my joint pain during pregnancy, I would place a pillow by my side (under my abdomen) to give me support.

good sleeping position during pregnancy

According to National Health Service (NHS), Uk, sleeping by your side in your 3rd trimester is the safest position for your baby as it helps prevent the risk of stillbirth.

Uncomfortable Sleep Positions

Sleep positions that are very uncomfortable and should be discouraged until after birth include:

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  1. Sleeping on your back: I always felt I was choking and trying to catch my breath whenever I tried this position, sleeping on your back in your later pregnancy is not advised, it can lead to stillbirth

2. Sleeping on your stomach – No pregnant woman in her later stage would feel comfortable sleeping on her stomach, don’t even think about it.

There you have my best sleep position during pregnancy. do you have a particular way you like sleeping during pregnancy? Share in the comment section I would love to hear.

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