10 Breakfast Idea Combination Straight from a Nigerian Kitchen

Akara and Pap Breakfast Meal

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day, it gives you the energy to carry on into the day. Due to the busy schedule of most Nigerians especially those living in the big cities breakfast ideas are sometimes difficult for some. So I came up with some breakfast ideas that can keep you thinking less of what to eat for breakfast.

  1. Pap/Custard and Akara: Akara and Pap/Custard is an easy way to go in the morning, though preparing it from the scratch may be difficult, the food vendors have made the work easy. You could just get your Akara and Pap already prepared in the corner of your street. Custard can be used instead of Pap to add variety.
  2. Oat and bread/plantain: Taking oatmeal is a very good way to start your day especially for those trying to lose weight. Quaker oat or any other brand can be used in combination with fried plantain or bread.
  3. Jellof rice: This will get you waking up early enough to prepare for the family, but it’s a nice heavy breakfast for the whole family
  4. Tea and bread: Quick and so easy, all you need is boiled water, your beverage and slices of bread either home made,  or commercial then you are good to go. you could even go further to toast your bread or make a sandwich.
  5. Noodles: Is a quick fix in every home, it comes to the rescue especially when you have run out of ideas and you just need something quick for the home before you think hard about the next meal. Prepared with a vegetable family will definitely love it.
  6. Moimoi and Pap: Moimoi has to be prepared in advance and stored for breakfast use. It’s heated again and there you go, your delicious Moimoi that goes along with pap.
  7. Yam and Egg Sauce: Boiled yam and egg sauce(made with tomato and oil) is a very delicious breakfast to have though it will require more preparation.
  8. Spaghetti: This food can be made just the way you want, either in combination with vegetables or with stew, it’s so delicious when prepared and can make you asking for more without realizing how full you alredy are.
  9. Akara and Bread: It can be very filling. When eaten in combination with a soft drink or any other bevearage. You are sure to start your day really full.
  10. Fried Yam, Plantain, Potatoes with Egg Sauce: you can combine all ( little quantities of yam, plantain, potatoes) or eat separately like plantain and egg sauce or yam and egg sauce or potato(irish or sweet) and egg sauce. Whether in combination or separately they are delicious breakfast recipe.

Do you know other breakfast ideas? Then drop a comment.

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