Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle

Mrs Ogechi Chukwu-Amaefule, a physiotherapist at the Congress meeting of the NESREA Sports Club

Did you know that exercising and healthy lifestyle improve your efficiency and productivity?  Well, so says Mrs Ogechi Chukwu-Amaefule, a physiotherapist at the Congress meeting of the NESREA Sports Club held at the headquarters of the Agency.

Mrs Chukwu -Amaefule observed that generally in Nigeria, most offices observe 8-9 hours work schedule per day. Due to this, she said, most persons spend their most active hours at work without time for exercise.

The physiotherapist cautioned that this gradually affects the efficiency of the worker.  “If you spend more of your active and inactive hours (time you spend at home) being physically inactive then it’s definitely going to take a toll on your work productivity.

She drew attention to a study published at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information titled- “The influence of exercise on cognitive abilities”. The study according to her, states that “Aerobic fitness spares age-related loss of brain tissue during aging, and enhances functional aspects of higher order regions involved in the control of cognition”.

Mrs Chukwu Amaefule observed that the data from the study suggest that aerobic fitness enhances cognitive strategies required to respond effectively to an imposed challenge

“More active or higher fit individuals are capable of allocating greater attention resources toward the environment and are able to process information more quickly, She said.

While stressing further the role of exercise in improved cognitive ability, she urged the staff to ensure they imbibe the culture of exercise as a daily routine, as it also plays a huge role in overall health of the mind and body.

She, however, warned that age and health condition must be taken into consideration before embarking on any form of exercises.

Report by: Amaka Ejiofor for womanlycare

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