Five Mistakes Mothers Make that may Lead to Infant’s Fall

Infant's fall
A child does not need to fall in order to grow

Even though you are very protective of your little one, there are times you make silly mistakes that may lead to a fall of your toddler. Infants are so vulnerable that it is your sole responsibility as a parent to protect and prevent falls for your little ones, Some Nigerian mothers may say “you have to fall to grow”. Does a child need to fall to grow? Barely. An infant does not need to fall off the bed or couch in order to grow. Growth and falls are independent variables, so an infant can grow out of infanthood with little or no falls and so it behooves on every mother to prevent her infant from falls, don’t just rely on good fortune to protect your little one.

Here are five mistakes mothers with infants make that may lead to falling:

  1. Keeping baby at the edge of the bed:

Most good moms make this mistake (me too, and I’ll definitely never to do that again). Mothers multitask a lot, there is always something running in our heads, we just want to complete all task in the shortest possible time and so while doing that, our infants may be caught in between. You quickly want to run to the kitchen and you totally forget your baby could roll over, then you put the baby at the edge of the bed to be back in a moment and then before you know it baby has landed on the floor. Falls from height could be very dangerous for infants, it could lead to head injuries and of course you wouldn’t want that for your baby.

Safety Measures: When you want to quickly do stuff leaving your infant behind on the bed, please place the baby in the middle of the bed and border with pillows. You could even put a pillow on the floor so if baby eventually falls against all odds, the baby would have a soft landing.

As a typical Nigerian mom, we put our babies behind our backs and support with a wrapper, you can do that, then you don’t have to worry, your baby goes with you everywhere you go, safe and sound.

  1. Leaving your infants all alone with older siblings:

    Especially when they are still young too, it’s really not advised to leave them without supervision. These older ones get so excited to have their little one with them but they usually overdo plays, they can actually push baby to fall, they can even hit the baby with a toy. They do it innocently, though.

Safety Measures: Always supervise your infants play with their older siblings. Be handy to ward off straying toys that may harm your child

  1. Leaving your infants in the complete care of underage house helps:

I have personally witnessed a scene where an infant fell off the hands of a house help, she (the help) was quite a young girl as well so what do you expect? She definitely won’t give a firm adult grip to your child so why take the risk?

Safety Measures: Carry your baby yourself, while she helps with other things. The baby should be your direct responsibility. If she must help with the baby let it be done under supervision.

  1. Keeping baby on high furniture:  

Keeping baby on the sofa all by himself because he can sit is not encouraged because he could fall from that height. Infants have not totally gained posture and balance so could easily wobble and fall.

Safety Measures: Supervise while baby sits, to always help him adjust. Use a pillow to border around baby

  1. Allowing toddlers walk on rocky surfaces:

Toddlers should be restricted to walking or running on rocky surfaces because they could easily fall. They still wobble, so if an obstacle is met, there may not be enough balance to withstand it leading to a fall that may cause injury.

Safety Measures: Have a firm grip of your child while his walking, prevent child as much as possible from running off. Wear baby comfortable shoes and clothes that would not restrict movement

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