Five things every Mother with young kids should have at home

Kids will always be kids

Having young demanding children at home is what every mother experiences. It’s not an easy task, but every mother needs to be ready mentally and emotionally to deal with the demands of young children. You have to be ready for the kids at all times. Out of my own personal experience as a mother with three young kids, it, thus, has necessitated the five must-haves in the home.

Must Haves:

  1. First Aid Box:This is so important, trust me. No matter how much you try to protect your kids from getting injured they just find a way around to get injured.
    First Aid Box should be handy but out of the reach of children

    Either during play time at home, at school, or even when they are quiet – for them to be quiet its either they are sleeping or trying out something creative that may hurt them. Some kids even hurt themselves during sleep, they roll over and fall, they could develop a fever at night. So you just need to have the basic things for dressing wounds, analgesics and icepacks. At least before you take the child to the doctor, clean the wound area, give an analgesic for pain and fever, use ice packs to reduce swelling if not an open wound. Your first aid box should be very handy and always up to date. I’m working on another post about what you need to have in your first aid box that will come at a later date.

  2. Snacks:For your sanity, please always have some snacks at home. Kids love snacking and they won’t spare you until you give them a snack when they want it.
    Kids love snacking and will always demand some

    Snack like biscuits, sweets, bread even healthy snacks like fruits and veggies-oranges, carrots etc. all these can keep them busy while you get productive – just like a glass of fruit juice has availed me the opportunity to write this post in peace. It really helps to have a distraction in food form for the kids.

  3. Cartoons:
    Even my 5months old baby gets a little distracted from whining when a cartoon is tuned on for his older brothers, but it doesn’t really last for him but for his brothers it sure does work.

    Some cartoons can build a child’s IQ

    Just get their favorite cartoon and they are all attentive then you can have time to yourself.

  4. Stationaries:
    Pencils, eraser’s, crayon’s, book’s and extra books because they can make one book useless at the spot either by tearing it into shreds or writing on every page immediately, then ask for another one.

    Regular reading is a stepping stone to better writing and helps kids’ strengthen their writing skills

    You just have to buy all these in bulk and keep at home because they always find a way to lose it and you don’t have an option but to replace.

  5. Detergents:You are bound to wash more often, as they spill food on their clothes at every opportunity. When they play outside – the clothes turns dirty, and what about the clothes when they are back from church?
    You just always need detergent/laundry soap at home

    Not to talk of urine soaked clothes. You just always need detergent/laundry soap at home. OMO detergent comes to my rescue, it works for me, always use what works best for you.


Aha! An extra tip is patience. You need to have it on all the time.

What other must-haves do you know of? Leave a comment so we could all learn.

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