9 foods to avoid if you want a healthy Pregnancy


The cravings right? Its ok to have them, but you should eat with caution as there are certain foods to avoid if you want a healthy Pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a period to be on a strict diet however it’s a time you need to also watch what goes into you. While most foods are safe during pregnancy some should be avoided because they may contain bacteria which could harm you or your baby. Let’s talk more about it.

9 foods to avoid if you want a healthy pregnancy

Avoiding certain foods for the next nine months is not too much a sacrifice to make for your bundle of joy, is it? Let’s take you through the list below.

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1. Raw Meat:

Eating raw or undercooked meat can be very debilitating to the health generally, especially for pregnant women.

raw meat

Raw meat or meat not properly cooked carry bacteria and could lead to infections in the mother which will be transmitted to the unborn child, such is the case of Toxoplasmosis, this parasite Is found in raw meat and also excreta of some animals such as cats, when a pregnant woman eats raw or undercooked meat and eventually gets infected, there would definitely be a Mother-Child transmission of the disease.

Eat well-cooked meat, wash kitchen knives thoroughly after cutting your meat, Avoid animal excreta. Always wash your hands before and after meal preparation.

2. Raw Fish:

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine, of which rice is topped with raw fish(though some are served with vegetable or cooked fish) it’s a very popular cuisine enjoyed by a lot of people including women. Sushi on its own is a safe food but pregnant women should avoid sushi served with raw fish.

    1. Eating Raw or undercooked fish is not healthy for pregnant women because harmful parasites may breed on raw fish, some fishes like salmon may have small worms that breed on them if these fishes are eaten raw or undercooked it could lead to a severe infection that may be harmful to your unborn child. Have your fish or meat properly cooked.See Also-How to deal with Baby Blues or postpartum depression after a C-section

3. Alcohol:

A little doesn’t hurt, Does it? That’s the excuse many pregnant women give for a craving,  pregnant women are usually advised by their doctor’s to stay off alcohol.
Alcohol, when taken by the mother, crosses the placenta and gets to the baby, so as you take in alcohol your baby also takes in alcohol, this can lead to miscarriage, low birth weight and even distort the physical and intellectual wellbeing of your baby according to CDC.

4. Raw Milk:

Raw unpasteurized milk carry bacteria such as salmonella, E.coli  even listeria, these bacteria can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal cramps even far worse fetal distress and death says Center for Disease Control. Pregnant women should avoid unpasteurized milk and its products.

5. Unwashed fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables should be pregnant women’s favourite, but unwashed? It’s a no no..unwashed fruits and vegetables can carry harmful bacteria and this can cause food poisoning.


I know you’ll say why would I ever eat unwashed fruit? but you may do it unconsciously, like trying to eat a fruit right at the point of buying it because you feel so hungry, It’s a risk taken by some Pregnant women and should be stopped.                                      Pregnant women should be thorough while washing fruits, parts that are bruised should be cut off, vegetables should also be washed thoroughly and steamed if necessary before eating.

6. Sugary foods:

Sugar rich foods such as ice cream, candies, sweetened juices and beverages, cakes should either be avoided or cut down in your diet. These foods encourage weight gain, contribute to diabetes in pregnancy. Natural sugars are always preferred to added sugars.Check Out-Dealing with Back Pain in Pregnancy? Here are 7 tips to Relieve Your PainTrending-21 Fertility Clinics with the Best Gynaecologist in Abuja

7. Junk foods:

Trans-fat and hydrogenated fat can cause clogged blood vessels leading to heart diseases and blood vessel diseases.


These unhealthy fats are found in junk foods, Having a lot in your diet can pose a health risk not just for you but for your unborn child.

8. Raw Eggs:

A pregnant woman should never eat raw eggs. Raw or undercooked eggs contain bacteria that are harmful and could lead to diarrhoea, abdominal cramps.


Food poisoning can be very dangerous for a pregnant woman’s already compromised immune system. Eat a well cooked hard boiled egg, avoid foods made with raw eggs (without adequate heat), some salad dressing is made with raw eggs, Fast food and junk food may include under-cooked eggs.

9. Street Foods:

Foods sold on the streets should never be a treat for pregnant women, Street foods are common here in Nigeria and easily indulged.


After antenatal clinic visit, pregnant women are usually enticed by these street foods, though the cravings may be there, you should tread with caution. These foods may have poor hygienic standards and so should be avoided.


Food-borne diseases are the greatest woe for pregnant women and as such shouldn’t be taken as a trivial issue. Mothers to be, have it at the back of your mind that your immunity is usually low during pregnancy and so you should be mindful of these Nine foods to avoid if you want a healthy Pregnancy.

What you eat reflects on your health and that of your baby’s. So do well to make your own meals in a very hygienic environment, if you must eat out be sure of the hygienic state of the restaurant.

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