6 Habits you should eliminate when trying to keep the weight off

There are people who find it very difficult to reduce their portion

Most people feel they are dedicated to their weight loss plan but still find themselves involve in the wrong habits. When you are ready to keep the weight off you need to be ready psychologically as well, putting away old habits is a good way to self-discipline while on your weight loss journey. Habits that prevent us from achieving weight loss goals are

  1. Eating the remainder of your child’s food:  Some mothers especially, are guilty of this on a quest not to waste food they say!  But the truth is there should be discipline as regards what goes into the mouth when you finally decide to lose weight, anything that would make you take in extra calories should be avoided at all cost.
  2. Eating large portions: There are people who find it very difficult to reduce their portion but claim to be on a weight loss journey. Even the foods that you think are healthy you eat should be eaten in moderation. Your body needs 1200 calories per day any excess is stored as fat, so mind your portion and know the kind of food you should avoid when trying to lose weight.
  3. Going on an exercise program without  a proper diet plan:  Some people feel they can hit the gym or stay at home and do high intensity interval training(HIIT) burn the fat and then eat whatever they like after all they can always burn it but guess what HuffPost reported-Shawn M. Talbott, Ph.D, nutritional biochemist and former director of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic says-“As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.  Exercising without watching what you eat is a bad habit and should be stopped.
  4. Skipping meals: Skipping meals is a no way to go in trying to lose weight. You will miss out on essential nutrients; you’ll get fatigued and crave for more food when next you are eating. You only benefit in the short term but gain more weight in long term.
  5. Eating fatty meat: Lean meat (chicken breast preferably) is the best for you when trying to keep the weight off. Beef have high amounts of saturated fats and should be eaten in minimal quantity if you are on a weight loss journey. Eating beef with obvious fat around the meat is a very bad habit and can lead to increase in cholesterol levels.
  6. Taking weight loss pills: You have every natural means to weight loss so why the pills? Most slimming drugs don’t tell you the side effects; they just tell you the benefits and claim to be 100% natural. Weight loss pills have no guarantee which means you could waste your money buying them, You could become addicted to it and wouldn’t want to stop, just to make sure you achieve your aim, this decision may lead to health dangers as you will not be told what prolong use may do to your heart and blood vessels. You have to be careful what you ingest, why not go on the proven way of weight loss which is diet and exercise.

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