5 Health benefits of watermelon seeds

nutritious seed often negleted

You may be among those who carefully remove the seeds from the juicy fruit before eating it, well this post is for you, to reiterate your stance on plucking out the watermelon seeds because you are taken away nutrients that would be beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Watermelon seeds could be eaten wet, dry or roasted and make a very healthy snack. Rich in protein and minerals, it is an important diet for hypertensive and diabetic individuals. The seeds have a hard covering and so should be chewed properly before eating. Some health benefits of watermelon seed are stated below.


  1. Good source of magnesium:  magnesium is a heart friendly mineral. It helps maintain normal blood pressure, essential for the body’s metabolic function while maintaining bone and muscle.
  2. Enhances Libido: struggling with libido issue? Watermelon seeds contain essential amino acids (arginine, lysine etc) that help improve libido and sperm quality.
  3. Preferred snack: why snack on junk when you can snack on watermelon seeds and rip from its amazing benefits. It can be baked in the oven and comes out very crispy.
  4. Regulates blood sugar: magnesium found in watermelon regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates which directly have an effect on blood sugar level. Diabetics would have a significant change in health if they take watermelon seed tea daily.just boil a handful of seeds in water for 30min, your tea is ready to drink for 30min, your tea is ready to drink.

5. Lowers bad cholesterol: watermelon seeds contain, monosaturated and unsaturated fats that help in lowering the bad cholesterol. In turn, it also prevents cardiac diseases and blood vessel diseases.

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