10 Super health benefits of Vitamin C you Should Know

Adequate intake of Vitamin C can change your health for good

Vitamin C- the water soluble vitamin that plays a very important part in the overall well-being of an individual goes as far as your immune system, skin, respiratory system to promote healing. Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic acid is abundant in fruits and vegetables, also a powerful antioxidant aids removal of toxic substances from the body. Did you know it also helps in heart diseases, diabetes, cancer even Asthma?

Here are 10 Super health benefits of vitamin C

  1. Helps treat the common cold: Though no evidence based research that Vitamin C can help prevent cold but from studies and personal experience Vitamin C is a powerful immune booster and also has anti histamine properties that could help control allergies also relieving your symptoms.
  2. Helps relieve asthma symptoms: Vitamin C helps respiratory conditions like Asthma. High doses of Vit C plays  a very important role in reducing and shortening the duration of attacks .“Decreased preference for foods containing vitamin C and decreased concentrations of vitamin C in blood plasma are also associated with asthma.”  (Hatch, G.E. (1995) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 61:625S-30S.). This natural antihistamine helps to relieve inflammation of the airways associated with asthma and also relieves other allergic reactions.
  3. Important in wound healing: Vitamin C is key in the healing of wounds from minor cuts to deep wounds, healing after vaginal and cesarean delivery, burns and fractures, it helps speed the healing process. The important component to healing is collagen which cannot perform its function effectively without Vit C which stimulates the formation of collagen itself. As reported by SurgerySupplements- Since the healing process causes an increase in the body’s metabolic requirements, in the period immediately following injury or surgery, vitamin C may fall to drastically low levels. The levels may become so low that high doses may be required to bring vitamin C back to normal. Without this extra vitamin C, the formation of new replacement connective tissue between cells is hindered and a wound may heal improperly. (Dr. Rath Research Institute, July 28, 2008).
  4. Treats Skin Conditions: No wonder products from the cosmetic industry are saturated with the use of Vit C in moisturizers, facial cleansers etc. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects comes into play here. Ascorbic acid has a beneficial role in skin health, It helps in the synthesis of collagen which is known to give the skin its elasticity and replaces dead skin cells giving your skin a natural glow while restoring a youthful look, Skin conditions caused by allergy are also treated with help of the anti- histamine properties of Vit C.  See more, Adult bedwetting: Causes and Tips to Help
  5. Lowers your risk for Heart diseases: The anti oxidant property of Vit C helps remove toxic substances that can erode the blood vessels, damaging the arterial wall which will increase your risk for a heart disease. Vit C causes your blood vessels to dilate making blood flow with ease while scavenging for free radicals.
  6. Regulates Sugar Levels in Diabetes: Overly high doses of Vit C can cause a spike in blood sugar levels giving false diagnoses of diabetes, According to research normal doses of Vitamin C can reduce blood glucose levels. As Reported by Livestrong– According to a 2006 study published in the “Indian Journal of Medical Research,” a daily vitamin C intake of 1,000 milligrams in people with type 2 diabetes resulted in significant reductions in blood sugar levels. The same level of vitamin C supplementation also produced reductions in harmful LDL cholesterol, a blood-borne fat called triglycerides and an indicator for high blood sugar levels called glycated hemoglobin, or HbA1c.
  7. Helps in Cancer Treatment: Vit C can help prevent and treat cancer, it’s antioxidant property rids the body of free radicals that may cause the build up of cancer cells. According to the National Cancer Institute- Laboratory studies have been done to find out how high doses of Vitamin C can kill cancer cells, The anti cancer effect of Vit C in different types of cancer cells involves a chemical reaction that makes hydrogen peroxide which may kill cancer cells. Also See, 5 Health benefits of watermelon seeds
  8. Helps treat scurvy: Scurvy is as a result of low levels of Vit C, which causes joint pain, bleeding gums. It can easily be reversed and treated by taking Vitamin C both as a supplement and in a diet.
  9. Helps Vision: Vit C improves vision and plays a role in preventing cataract(cloudy eye lens) that may lead to blindness. Your eye lens needs Vit C to help rid off free radicals that may cause eye conditions.
  10. Helps relieve arthritis symptoms: Vit C helps reduce inflammation in arthritis joint, it also helps in the synthesis of collagen which helps relieve symptoms in arthritis patients.
    Here are the super 10 health benefits of Vitamin C, If you’ve not been having your recommended daily dose of Vit C, then you missing in it’s health benefit and s should start now.
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