5 Hotspots for germs you didn’t know

germ hotspot bacteria
Germs are just everywhere, on land, air, and water.

Germs are just everywhere, on land, air, and water. It is really difficult to stay off germs, however, it’s not impossible. Of course, you know the common places germs may lurk like toilet door handles, soles of your shoes (probably why you take your shoes off before you enter your house) etc. here are some hot-spots for germs you didn’t know.

  1. Cell Phones:bacteria smart phones
    Your cell phone may even be dirtier than your toilet seat. Cell phones are an overlooked breeding ground for bacteria. Phones are often passed or shared with friends; this act can spread bacteria fast. It is often left carelessly on surfaces that may probably be infected. Phones are not always cleaned. When a friend uses your cell phone or any mobile device, the germs in their hands gets to your phone and of course, you would touch it. Clean your phone with an antibacterial wipe regularly.
  2. Dish Washing Sponge:bacteria dishes sponges

    They are used to make dishes clean, but may be packed with many bacteria. Often times, sponges are not thoroughly cleaned and aired after use. It’s probably not even kept in a neat place after use making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash sponge with warm water after use and air.

  3. Pillowcases:germs bacteria pillow cases

    Often overlooked, it’s a breeding ground for germs. Pillowcases are easily shared at home between family and friends, most times pillowcases are not washed regularly. The mouth and skin secretions go directly to the pillowcases and this can cause breakouts or other infections. Wash your pillowcases regularly. Also see Why you should wash your pillowcase regularly

  4. Shopping Cart:germs,bacteria

    A lot of people use the same cart to shop, you included. Bacteria can easily be transferred from person to person through shopping carts. Some people sneeze and cough with their hands and still hold the same cart you may probably use also. Go with an antibacterial wipe to clean the handle of your cart before usage.

  5. TV Remote:

    Tossed about and hardly or never cleaned, easily shared by family and friends, touched by a lot of hands but scarcely cleaned. The TV remote is another breeding ground for germs. Always clean regularly with an antibacterial wipe.

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