Plantain is a very common food in Nigeria, and there are different methods of preparation from making plantain fufu to plantain flakes and every other thing in between.

You may already know how to prepare plantain porridge but I bet you don’t know how to cook plantain porridge with goat meat, I’m ready to teach you, but also be ready to make it a constant meal at home cause It’s so delicious. Let’s get cooking.



    1. A bunch of plantains
    2. Goat Meat
    3. Smoked Fish
    4. Crayfish
    5. Vegetable Oil (Not Palm Oil)
    6. Pepper (habanero pepper)
    7. Onion (2 onions will do- I love onions, but you can use as little or as much as you like)
    8. Salt to taste
    9. Seasoning Cubes
    10. Scent Leaf (Nchanwu)
    11. Curry Leaf

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Method of Preparation

Wash season and cook your goat meat, set aside. goat meat

Cut your plantain in circular bits just like the pix below

(you can cut in any size you want though) set aside.

Wash and debone your smoked fish, grind your crayfish, blend your onions and pepper together.

Wash and pound (not cut) your leaves together- Scent leaf and curry leaf.


Put your already cut plantain in a pot, pour your goat meat stock, put your smoked fish, crayfish, pepper and onions mix, seasoning cube, salt to taste and then your vegetable oil. Add water enough to cover the plantain well, then allow to cook for 15min. While cooking stir your meal from time to time.

When it’s done add your pound scent leaf and curry leaf, allow for 1min stir and turn off the heat.

complete incredients with leaf

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Your delicious mouth-watering Plantain Porridge is ready to serve.

Still Confused?? The video will be out soon. Hang on

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