Back In the days, a common thing to hear from a mom to her teen daughter is – If you allow a man get close to you or even touch you (like literarily) you’ll get pregnant lol…(well, Mom felt it was the best sex education)

Your naive self probably agreed to it, but we all get to figure out someday that getting pregnant is so different from what our moms told us, well the reality is getting pregnant sometimes could be way harder than having sex.

Though the human body is uniquely made to suit our individuality, so many factors can still hinder how you get pregnant fast. However, there is a chance of getting pregnant every month you try. Here are 5 top tips you need to try out in other to increase your chances to get pregnant fast.

  1. Know Your Monthly Visitor

Tracking your monthly periods is a very great way to get pregnant fast. First of all your regular monthly periods tells you, your reproductive organs are in good working condition.

Knowing your cycle which counts from the first day you bleed to the day before you start bleeding again helps to track Ovulation which occurs 14 days after your period starts in an average 28day cycle. Your cycle may be shorter or longer than 28days (between 21-35 respectively) or very irregular, so tracking your cycle for a period of 6months and then taking an average can help those with irregular periods track ovulation.

Trying for a baby during your ovulation increases your chance of getting pregnant fast.

2. Check the Pain

If you usually feel severe pain during your periods do see a gynaecologist fast for proper assessment. A condition known as endometriosis can cause severe menstrual cramps and ultimately cause infertility. If checked and diagnosed early treatment can start even before you are ready to conceive, this will increase your chances of getting pregnant when you are ready.

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3. Keep the Weight Off

Body weight can have a significant effect on health and infertility. Exercise can help with weight reduction, preparing your body for conception. You can begin by walking instead of taking the bus, you can jog or run around your vicinity. A fit body will help you not only conceive but make your 9months fit as well.

4. Take Prenatal Meds

Folic acid is essential for a healthy pregnancy. If your folic acid levels is adequate before pregnancy, it gives your unborn baby a good start and helps prevent neural tube defects such as Spina bifida.

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5. Eat More Fruit and Vegetables


Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important when trying to have a baby. Food and fertility have a lot in common. Vitamins found in fruits and veggies are important for a healthy reproductive system in both men and women.

6. Limit Alcohol


If you are trying to get pregnant fast, then you should be careful with alcohol consumption. The Center for Disease Control(CDC) advised women who are trying to get pregnant to completely eliminate alcohol during this stage of their life.

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Alcohol in a mother’s blood can pass directly to the baby’s umbilical cord, this can lead to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders(FASD). You may not know exactly when you get pregnant so save your unborn baby’s health by staying away from alcohol when trying to conceive.

7. Keep the Balls Cool

When your testicles are always in a hot environment, the sperm suffers. A healthy sperm requires a cool environment and so tight pants should be avoided, laptops on the thigh should be stopped, driving and sitting for a long time on a hot chair should be avoided. Wear loose boxers, Laptops on the table will help keep the sperm healthy and happy.

8. Take away Stressors

Hey! Stress less, if you are willing to get pregnant fast. Your body shouldn’t be flooded with stress hormone, find time to rest and sleep adequately, you could go for a massage, this will help reduce stress.

9. Have Sex Every Other Day


knowing when you ovulate is important but you can also have sex every other day to increase your chances if you are the type that won’t make time to monitor your cycle.

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10. Be Happy

Your body recognizes your mood when you are happy, every part is happy and when you are sad, every part is sad. Depression can hinder conception. So try to be in a relaxed and happy state of mind always.

A bonus and very important Tip-

If you are religious Pray fervently. Tell God about it and be sure he’ll do it.

These 10 top tips are a roadmap on how to get pregnant fast, considering individual differences if these tips don’t work for you as soon as you are expecting, just keep trying and visit your gynaecologist.

I’ve been writing for long now it’s your turn, what worked for you? Share by commenting on the comment section below.

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