How to make soursop juice

Soursop Juice

The soursop fruit has a lot of health benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss by not taking the fruit regularly. As seen in our previous post – health benefits of soursop, it is a fruit that has cancer-fighting properties as well as an immune booster.

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Method of Preparation

Here is how to turn this wonder-working fruit into a delicious glass of juice:

  • You will need a medium sized soursop fruit and a blender.

• Wash your hands first before you start because there will be a lot of hand contact, of course, you want a healthy juice

• Wash your soursop fruit

• Peel the skin and remove the seeds

• Mash the flesh with your hands first, to enable easy blending• Put in your blender add water depending on how you want it, either thick and creamy or lighter. Blend till a smooth texture.

• Pour in a glass cup, your juice is ready

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You can also modify your recipe by using milk instead of water, adding lime or lemon juice. Enjoy your drink

You can watch this video to learn more.

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