New Moms: 3 signs you need a Physiotherapist


Do you feel you are no longer in control of your body? Do you sneeze and then urine leaks out? Do you still feel pain in your pelvic region even after birth? If your answer is yes to these questions, then read carefully. So many women are unaware of the role of a physiotherapist in women’s health. They just let their body after birth without proper rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy helps in pregnancy and postpartum, if you are a new mom and you experience pain and discomfort after birth then these 3 signs- you need a physiotherapist is for you.

I am a three-time mom and have benefitted from physiotherapy before and after birth, being a new mom also I’m still benefitting from exercise rehabilitation. As a physiotherapist myself, I have had the opportunity to advise and treat women with various physical health challenges during pregnancy and after birth. You don’t really need to bear the pain and hope it will disappear someday, you don’t need to wear a pad every day hoping that someday the urine leak would stop. As a new mom, you need physiotherapy.

Pregnancy  and Child Birth

During pregnancy and childbirth, most women see their body as not theirs; so many physical and hormonal changes may affect your health temporarily or even long term. The perineal and pelvic region are culprit during labour and childbirth. These muscles (pelvic floor muscles) have been stretched so much that it becomes weak and may lead to urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and a host of other conditions.

New Mom? 3 Signs You Need a Physiotherapist
If you feel, you don’t have control over your body anymore after your bundle of joy came out of you, then you need to watch out for these sign and then visit your physio.


  1. Urinary incontinence:

    signs you need a physiotherapist
    Urinary incontinence

    This is the uncontrolled passing of urine. It occurs when one sneezes, coughs or even laughs; also when you feel the urge for urine and you can’t hold back for a little while it just comes gushing out. You don’t need to bear it, pregnancy and childbirth have taken its toll on you and you need to treat it. A physiotherapist can help by prescribing therapeutic exercises that would help you heal fast.

  2. Back pain:

    Signs new mom needs a physiotherapist
    Back Pain in pregnancy

    Back and joint pain could be very disturbing and therefore should not be overlooked. It is common during pregnancy to feel back and joint pain, these pain may linger even after birth. The back and joint pain you may have experienced during pregnancy contributes to your pain postpartum, therefore your muscles need to be strengthened and toned up in order to relieve pain. Positioning while breastfeeding also contributes to your back pain, even wrapping your child around your back with a wrapper (Backing a child- An African thing) contributes to your back pain postpartum. As a new mom you need your body back, and so should report whatever pain you may be experiencing to your physiotherapist.

  1. Pelvic pain:

    why newmoms need a physiotherapist
    Pelvic Pain

    If you experience pain in your pelvic area either during sex or bowel movement, you need physiotherapy sessions. It would be too bad starting your postpartum exercise programs with weak pelvic floor muscles. After birth, these muscles need to be rehabilitated before any proper exercise classes. Your pelvic floor muscles also need to be rehabilitated in preparation for the next pregnancy (I’m sure you never knew).

    Now you know as a new mom you need to get your pelvic floor muscles under control back again and also relieve yourself of whatever pain you may be experiencing postpartum not also forgetting getting back in shape. Get to your nearest physiotherapist for postpartum rehabilitation.

    If you are experiencing these symptoms and you need guidance from a physiotherapist, you can call 08039523449 at RichCare Physiotherapy and wellness center.

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