I can relate with this very well because recently, my 2-year old son had a nose bleed and trust me, it could be very frightening but I handled the situation while hubby was looking so confused. And guess what? It happened in the middle of the night, at a time you cannot easily rush out of the house to the hospital, but not to worry, nose bleeds are not dangerous and can be easily managed at home.

Nose bleeds are common in younger children says Mayo clinic, and also in adolescent girls during the early menstrual period.

Most times, in children, it is caused by nose picking (I’m so guilty of this one, I can’t just see my son’s nose without trying to pick uh! But after the nosebleed incident, I now refrain myself from picking). Other causes of nosebleeds include dry air and violent blowing of the nose among older children.

The tiny vessels in the nostrils can easily damage and cause a nosebleed.

What to do:

  1. Clean the blood stained area on the nose with a soft clean towel, to have a clear view of the nose.
  2. Compress or put pressure, using your thumb on the soft part of your nose, maintaining the pressure for five minutes.
  3. Take control of your emotions and calm down. It is not a big deal after all. Reassure your child so he/she would also calm down.
  4. Keep the child sitting up during the episode. Don’t let the child lie face up so as not to cause blood to go backward into the esophagus.
  5. If after putting pressure for 5 minutes it does not stop, try again and if it does not stop, you can proceed to the hospital but not to worry as long as it is not a trauma or an underlying illness. It will definitely stop in no time.

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