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The igbos are a strong traditional ethnic group in Nigeria. With similar but different ethnic dialects, they express themselves, traditions, memories or events through names. These names continuously remind them of a loved one, past experience or their God and his awesome work in their lives. Now this is my Personal 25 Most Popular Nigerian Igbo Baby Names predicted for 2018. It may not be COMMON but it’s growing popularity will give it an edge in 2018 so here it goes…

25 Most popular Nigerian Igbo Baby names predicted for 2018

1. Kamsiyochukwu Just as I asked God Kamsi
2. Omasirichim as it pleases the lord oma
3. Chikamso I’m with God chika
4. Munachimso I’m walking with my GOD Muna
5. Zikoranachimdinma tell the world my God is good Zikora, zikky
6. Ikemsinachi my strength comes from God ikem, sinach
7. Chidiebube God is glorious/wonderful/awesome Chidi, Ebube
8. Kaitochukwu Let’s praise the lord Kaito
9. Kelena Thank the lord/father Kele
10. Lotanna Remember God/father Lota
11. Adaora Daughter of all Ada, Dora
12. Chimamanda My God will not fail Amanda
13. Chimdindu My God is alive Chimdi, Deedee
14. Nmasinachi Beauty comes from God Nma
15. Yadichinma May it be good to my God Yadi
16. Golibe Rejoice Goli, Gogo
17. Chiziri Sent by God Chizzy
18. Jidenna Hold onto God/father Jide
19. Somtochkwu Praise the lord with me Somto
20. Ugonma Beautiful Eagle Ugo, Nma
21. Naetochukwu Continue praising God Naeto
22. Nmesomachukwu God’s goodness Nmeso
23. Kosisochukwu As it pleases the lord Kosi
24. Chizaramekpere God answered my prayers Chizara, Chizzy
25. Chetachi Remember God Cheta


So what do you think about the popularity of these names in 2018? Let the ball start rolling as we watch parents give their bundle of joy’s these beautiful Nigerian igbo baby names in 2018, don’t be left out, you could as well pick yours here…lol

Do you have more names you think will be popular in 2018, do well to share by leaving a comment


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