See reasons why you shouldn’t throw away your egg shells


The egg is a very common food in most Nigerian households. It is highly consumed in the baking and cosmetic industries. It is very common to throw away your egg shells after taking its content (yolk and egg white). However, every part of the egg including the shell is highly nutritious. Egg shell contains minerals like calcium and amino acids that the body needs for proper functioning.

Reasons why you shouldn’t throw away your eggshell

1. Relieves joint pain:
Premenopausal and menopausal women are more prone to joint pain and bone diseases as a result of hormonal changes associated with aging. egg shells contain 91 percent calcium (According to studies published in the International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 5, Issue 3, March 2016). Calcium in itself is an important mineral for the bone cells. Collagen and chondroitin are also contained in eggshells (According to studies conducted The National Center for Biotechnology Information) making it very important for bone health. Premenopausal and menopausal women need to improve their calcium intake to avoid bone and joint related diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis. Taking calcium supplements can help reduce falls greatly in older women. To relieve pain associated with a sore joint take two eggshells grind it to a smooth powder, add vinegar, put the mixture in an airtight container allow to stand for 2days, by the second day the powder must have dissolved into the vinegar. rub the solution on painful joints and get relieved while improving your joint health.

2. Clears skin blemishes:
The facial skin especially is very important to every woman, it’s a part of the body that can’t be hidden and so women desire to always make it look good. The calcium found in egg shells can help you have a good flawless skin. Calcium helps skin let go of dead skin cell allowing new skin cells to grow, rejuvenating the skin and giving you a flawless look. Calcium in the skin may help prevent skin cancer according to the National Cancer Research Institute. Grind two eggshells to a smooth powder mix powder with one egg white, mask your face with the mixture, allow to dry on your skin, stay for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. Make this a lifestyle and see how it takes away dead skin cells aids regeneration of new cells giving you a younger radiant look. Also, see health benefits of coconut oil

3. Controls pest in your home garden: You have actually been throwing away the solution to your garden pest that prevents you from eating healthy vegetables. Don’t throw your eggshells anymore because they are good pest repellent for your garden. Scatter crushed eggshells on the leaves and around your garden and send the pest back where they came from.

4. Used for scouring surfaces and utensils: Some people’s skin are sensitive to chemical scours just the way some skin are sensitive to certain detergents, so going for natural scouring powder is a better option. Egg shells to your rescue!. Grind eggshells to a smooth powder and store in a covered container. When the need arises put some eggshell powder on the surface you want to clean and scrub with a sponge.

5. Used as a natural calcium supplement: If you desire a natural calcium supplement, then eggshells are what you need. For women suffering from bone diseases already on a calcium supplement, eggshell calcium supplement is the way to go truly natural, giving you the desired calcium you need for your bones. Just crush your dried eggshells to a smooth powder. Store in an airtight jar, take a half teaspoon daily. it can also be mixed in your water, tea or smoothies.

6. Used as a natural pepper spray/tear gas: Eggshells, when dried and ground to a smooth powder in combination with dried pepper, can be used by ladies to protect themselves against bad boys. Just go with a little powder mixed with pepper In your bag and spray when needed, everybody around would have a teary eye (like when tear gas is sprayed in the air) so you could use the opportunity to escape from your captors.

Watch this video on how to make eggshell calcium powder.

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