Why you should wash your pillowcase regularly

Dirty Pillow
Pillows are closest buddies at night

Pillows are closest buddies at night, Held closely to the skin especially the facial skin. Most people find pillowcases the least thing to launder, after all, it is always on the bed, it doesn’t get dirty easily they say. But it may be the cause of your acne. After trying all you could for your break-outs including washing your face regularly before you sleep then you should take a good look at your pillowcase it may be the culprit to your facial breakouts.

Dirt and oil are trapped in pillowcases

Just think about it, your mouth, ear, eye, nose, facial skin all are bare to your pillowcase, any secretions that come out of these are straight to your pillowcase making it a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Your hair care products are not helping matters as they are also reapplied to the pillowcases when you lay on it.

Dr. David E. Bank, the director, and founder of  The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, told HuffingtonPost- “Acne mechanica is any type of acne that is the result of material or objects touching your face. When your pillowcase isn’t laundered or changed regularly, a build-up of dirt and oil from the environment as well as your skin and hair touching the pillow is transferred back to your skin. This can clog pores and cause blemishes.”

Pillows are commonly shared

It’s a common thing to share pillows among family members and friends when they come visiting. This on its own is enough to launder regularly. Secretions, sweats, dead skin cells by different people you may or may not know their medical history are sloughed on your pillowcase and you probably still use it like that for weeks without washing? It’s bad enough and shouldn’t be a regular practice.

Regular Laundry

Launder your pillowcase two to three times per week, this ensures you get regular fresh breathe while using your pillowcase and also would prevent you from sleeping on oil and sweat soaked pillowcases for weeks. This also ensures your facial skin does not take in germs and dirt that may clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

Wash your face before you sleep

Washing your face before you sleep is a practice that would help prevent facial breakouts (pimples). It will help the skin get rid of excess oil, makeup, dirt preventing it from getting to your pillowcase. Imagine a clean skin on a clean pillowcase, nice right?

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