The week went well, I had days I did very well like I could give myself a pat on the back and I had days as well I ate what I wasn’t supposed to eat, well all is well that ends well. Lol.

Like I said in the post set for my weight loss journey, I will not be into any form of restrictive diet, I will be doing portion reduction and still eat my favorites*winks* but will be cutting down on sugary drinks like coke and its likes, junk food like meat pie and it’s like.

For the sugary drinks, hubby knew I had started my journey with all seriousness and had to buy two bottles of coke, he took one and kept the other in the fridge, hmmm how can you open the fridge and the first thing that greets you is a chilled bottle of coke, it took every courage I had to say no, and did I say no, yes I did, yippee! I said no to the full bottle and took one fifth, abeg I tried, na small small. Hubby promised to also let go of sugary drinks, so there is hope that the temptation will not come any time soon.


I started with taking a glass of water every morning with or without Lemon, I’ll make it a habit because Its definitely a good way to kick start your digestive system for the day’s activity and will aid my healthy living goal.


I had catfish pepper soup for breakfast, fist size of garri and oha soup for lunch. For dinner I had avocado and a slice of bread + I walked around my area. sorry I didn’t take pictures of the other meals

Weight Loss Catfish Peppersoup


I had a glass of water as soon as I woke up.

I had two spoons of rice from my toddler’s plate I tried to resist but I just couldn’t, am I alone on this? Whenever I’m feeding my toddler I nibble on his food, its like I eat with him too, I’m really working on it and will find ways to resist the temptation. If you have any idea that could help me please share with me by commenting on the comment box.

I usually have time to exercise when the kids have gone to school, so today I did arm exercises with dumb bells targeted at my triceps I did 10reps 2sets, I also did standing, bend hips forward and then your arms spread out with dumbbell I did 10reps 2sets.. It was not an easy exercise if you think I’m lying try it and see. I did stand and squat one leg forward with dumbbells hanging by your sides I did 10reps 2sets. I had rice and boiled plantain for breakfast, tiger nuts, and toast bread as snack-for this one I could have resisted cos I made it for the kids but long-throat no gree

In the afternoon I still ate the remainder rice and boiled plantain I had…

The day didn’t end without me climbing on my elliptical bike, I exercised for 5min on the bike…did I hear you say 5min only? Come and see me sweating like Christmas goat! That 5min was as long and as tiring as a 10kilometer ride, so I need a pat on the back, I’ll definitely get better as time goes by. For that 5mins I covered 1.6km and lost 14cal. I’m happy for that and will be better tomorrow. For dinner I had suya…nothing can separate me from the love of suya, not even weight loss journey… I relished every Chew!


I had a glass of water as soon as I woke up, water first thing in the morning makes your body ready for the day’s metabolism, so making it a habit will be a plus for me and you too can try it. After I dropped the kids off at school I started my morning exercise session this time with my toddler – he didn’t go to school today he wasn’t feeling up to it, he’s growing his pre-molars and didn’t sleep much at night, so I decided to let him stay, he enjoyed the session and even wanted more. I exercised for 20min this morning, did jumping jacks, squats, arm exercises and climbed on the elliptical bike this time I did more than 5min … yippee! guess what, I did 5min 21 sec. did you just say only 20 sec difference? Mehn! it isn’t easy at all if you think it is easy come and try it… (hahaha…)

For breakfast- I had porridge beans and yam (see below), for Lunch a very delicious okra soup + fist-sized garri, I really love okra because it doesn’t need a lot of orishiorishi to make it tasty, I prepared my okra soup with fish and it came out so delicious. I ended the day with rice and vegetables, of course, the veggies filling my plate more. Sorry I didn’t take a lot of shots, when It’s time to be a practical mom, a lot of things are left behind…lol.. but will keep trying not to leave a thing behind for you.

okra soup for weightloss


I prepared a very simple salad and kept in the refrigerator for future meals.

carrot cabbage salad weightloss food

planning your meals beforehand is essential to a successful weight loss so you don’t have to always go with anything that is available, at least not all the time. I had the remainder okra soup from yesterday, this time without swallow. I had it like that and yes! it was so ok. I also had pineapple, tiger nut as a snack for the day.


Fridays will always be weigh-in days for me so let’s go to the scale…

and it says…what!

Spoiler Alert! Should I dice the scale?

I think my scale is faulty or did I gain more weight? Well, the scale is saying I’m….

weigh-in scale reading

81.5kg, that’s scary, there are two things playing out here its either my Scale is faulty or I have actually gained more weight, have you at any point experienced this?. In lieu of that, I’ll use a backup measurement- The tape-rule is definitely more precise than the Scale, so let’s go to the tape rule…

Tommy- 38inche,



These are my trouble zones so would concentrate on these areas.

I’ll measure weekly, and you should too. Get a Tape-Rule if you don’t have one yet

And here comes Temptation for the week

  1. Toddlers cereal- I nibble a lot on my toddler’s meal, I really need to desist.
  2. Coke- Been working on it even before I decided to document my journey, so I just took one-fifth of the bottle (I tried jare!)
  3. Suya- O for the love of Suya! Well, its beef and not soaked in Oil but grilled-at least, that’s what I tell myself just to indulge. but I still need to be careful, too much may damper my goals.
  4. Irish Potato- For this, na just long-throat, it was actually meant for the kids’ Lunch pack, but as I was packing for the kids, I also packed some in my mouth

Well so far, I do need more improvement especially on the side foods I eat, I didn’t do as much as my heart desired but will keep pushing I hope week 2 ahead will be great.

If you are on this Journey with me, tell me how your week went? Would love to hear from you, drop your Comments.

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