Week Two + Weigh-In

week2 weigh-in scale reading weightloss

Hi lovelies, feels good to recap on my weekly weight loss journey, though it has not been a smooth week for me I still didn’t lose out completely. How did your week go as well? I’ll really love to hear from you because I need you now more than ever and I know you need me too, we actually need each other on this journey So here goes my Week 2…

What I did during the Week

Like I said earlier the week wasn’t really a good one for me…My Village people were at it again to stall my weight loss goal…LOL, but God pass them.
My Son fell Ill during the week, so I was literary an emotional wreck, spent most of my time with him, morning and night. Mothers in the house! Are you with me? So weight loss was actually the last thing on my mind, though I lost appetite for food, Luckily It helped a little, ehhen! whichever way the weight loss happen make e happen abi?
The good thing about the week was the delicious Salad I made- Avocado and Egg salad. Are you salivating already? You actually should because I enjoyed every Chew even though my Boys wouldn’t let me be selfish, I had to share, even when I didn’t feel like it, ya! Mothers do that a lot…

Recipe For Avocado and Egg salad

Chop and mix ingredients, your Salad is ready.

week2 avocado salad weightloss

You can get the full Recipe and step by step method with Pictures on my Recipe section of this blog.

The Scale

The scale says… I’m 81.0kg, cool I guess, at least 0.5 less is a whole lot for me.

week 2 weigh-in scale reading weightloss
And my back-up measurement says…
Tommy- 37.7 inches
Arm- 12.7 inches
Hips – 45 inches

From the results, I’m actually confused, Comparing results with week 1, I gained and I lost in some areas. I’ll keep pushing and would Win at last.
The week wasn’t so fulfilling as regards my weight loss goals but It was still fulfilling because my Son has recovered from Ill health.. What else can a mother wish for…

So how did your week go? Did anything Stall your weight loss goal for the week? I’m so waiting to hear from you, just write in the Comment Box below.
You are welcome to share my progress and recipes on your social media with family and friends.

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