weightloss Journey for beginners

And so, I’ve decided to finally lose the post-baby fat I accumulated after 3 pregnancies..oops! it was an easy road gaining weight, o yes it was. I had cravings during my pregnancies and it (cravings) actually seem to last a lifetime…did I say lifetime? Well longtime, When you develop a habit, it becomes a part of you and can actually stay with you a lifetime, unless you decide to call it quits and I just did. I’m calling unhealthy Habit quits and I mean it this time, I’m set for my weightloss journey.

How it all started

I have always been the skinny girl of the house. I started enjoying working out at the university where I got my Degree, I would jog, say, 3 times in a week just to keep shape then, because I liked the way I looked then and wouldn’t want to lose it to FAT. At least it kept me at 60kg until I graduated.Below is my picture during university days.

My Weightloss Journey
60kg weight

After I got pregnant in 2012 (I was 65kg before pregnancy), it was an amazing experience being a first-time mum, with everyone who cared enough telling me to eat for two and I did. The cravings where crazy, “eating for three” would be the right phrase to use for me, I ate anything and I ate big plates, I ate at any time even midnight, I was gradually growing big and gained more weight, I was initially 70kg after birth but kept on gaining weight, I never got the time to get my body back because parenting was overwhelming, I cared less for myself and then, I became pregnant with my second child.

Me after my first child

My second pregnancy was not so different from the first, the cravings, cravings, and cravings overwhelmed me, I start eating from the day I get to know I was pregnant to the day I had my bundle of joy and even continue after birth, though, at a more reduced frequency…and who cared, I love food and I go to food to express my happiness…lol. I landed a 90kg after my second pregnancy, then came the third.

My third pregnancy wasn’t so dramatic as the others as regards cravings, I kinda tried to manage cravings. I didn’t eat very late at night and I ate for two instead of three…lol.  my third pregnancy and was 88kg at that time.

During my pregnancies I was always active, I started exercising as soon as I’m ready especially from my second trimester, I do home workouts and take long walks, but my intake (food I take in) was always stalling my pregnancy fit goals. After birth, I usually lose the weight a little but gain it back at my next pregnancy.

Here I am

So here I am, tired of being inconsistent with my weightloss goals and ready to make 2018  my year, I know you would also want to hit your desired weight goal this year. One year post-partum I’ve lost 10.4kg , I’m so happy I achieved that last year because I lost motivation and became inconsistent but I have learned a lot through my inconsistent journey and have decided to make it right this time. That’s officially me below.

losing weight
Present me

in 2018 at 77.6kg with me still with big belly..well, that’s as a result of abdominal muscle seperation (i’ll talk about that in a future post).

I’m not where I want to be but I’m really determined to get my desired weight of 65kg, heal and strenghten my abdominal muscles, lose belly Fat atleast by the end of the year(December) by the Grace of God . I will certainly not be on any fad diet, I will do portion reduction, reduce carbs and unhealthy fats and do home workouts and sometimes go to the gym.

I will consistently give you load down of what’s happening, my highs and lows, my days of not feeling motivated enough, my healthy meal prep, recipes and of course my progress. I hope to motivate a mom out there struggling with her weightloss goals, you are not alone, we are here for each other and will motivate each other.

So I’m set for my weightloss journey, you can watch my introduction to my weightloss journey here and  also follow my progress Live on my YouTube channel. I hope you are set for your’s as well cos we are doing this together. But before you go, subscribe to my mailing list here so that you can get first-hand update on my weightloss journey and also subscribe to my youtube channel here so you can watch me exercise live at home, at the gym or on the streets of Abuja, also join me prepare healthy meals to help me lose belly fat and be at my best weight.

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