Where to buy Gently Used Baby Cots in Nigeria


Buying gently used baby cot in Nigeria is one way to save money on baby items. Cots most times are used for a short while since babies grow very fast, parents need to be careful how much they spend on buying baby essentials.

Do babies really sleep on their cot? Well, from my experience they lose interest in their cots early, some babies prefer to sleep with their moms than in their cot, and so it makes it wise not to spend a fortune buying baby cots your son or daughter will refuse after a couple of nights.

These online stores in Nigeria offer parents a good deal on gently used baby cot or what we call secondhand Cots.

1. Jiji.ng

Baby Cot Baby Bed Baby crib

This online store is the No1 online store for selling used baby gears, pictures are displayed and you make your choice based on what you see and like. Just like the one below it is so gently used that it could pass for a new one.

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2. Olx.com.ng

baby crib

With Olx you have a variety to choose from, you can shop by price, from the lowest to the highest price. They definitely have good deals for parents. Check them out

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3. Derabeledutoys.com

baby cot baby bed

They are here to help parents save a bunch of cash while still not compromising on neatness and quality. They have gently used baby Cots that are in great condition and not just that, they sell other baby gears that you’ll definitely Love. You should have a look.

4. Mum2mummarket Nigeria

Moms sell to moms here, isn’t that wonderful, you get far better deals. Try them out.

5. Baby Essentials Nigeria

I love baby essentials Nig, They sell neatly used cots and not just that, they sell really fast, so hurry while stock last.

These online stores where you can buy gently used baby cots in Nigeria not only sell baby cots but other baby gears that you’ll Love.

Do you Know any other online store where moms can buy Baby Cot? I”ll like to know please comment on the comment section.

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